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Photos by members of CamRacers, James Kirby and
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Russ in 6th placed team at Portugal XPD World Series event
2007 December 4th-9th: Russ teamed up with Gill Watson, John Cameron and Paul Mahon as Team Sleepmonsters/Inov-8. Special stages included downhill Trikkes, that favorite of UK teams, inline skating and some snorkelling as well as the usual MTB, trekking, ropework and kayaking. There was even a little caving.

An excellent race. Really well organised with plenty to think about. 6th place just outside the prizes/trophies. A great end to the year.

Sleepmonsters Reports. Team Report.

CamRacers invited to Guadeloupe

Russ teamed up with adventure journalist Tarquin Cooper for a week racing in the inaugural IGWA Race, organised to promote the adventure sports potential of the Guadeloupe islands

Disciplines included ropework, canyoning, kayaking, snorkelling, surfing, golf, windsurfing and local flora, fauna, history and cuisine stages. A lot of fun.We placed about half way down the field and made some good friends.
Sleepmonsters Reports, PlanetFear Article, Photos.
Transworld sport on UK TV Channel 4 ran two features on the race.

Rodings Rally: 2nd fastest team and 2nd in the Group Competition

November 2007: Three teams competed on this cryptic12 mile overnight course around Epping Forest to defend their fastest team trophy from last year and also have a go at the group competition.

The course was tougher this year and we were beaten into 2nd place for the fastest team, but were also placed 2nd group overall which was a great effort.

Russ and Andy have a bad day at the OMM
Russ and Andy raced in the 2007 OMM Elite class in the Lowther Hills. After most of the way through day 1 they were lying 16th but the combination of a broken compass, a twisted knee and footwear falling apart made them one of the last elite teams to finish day 1 and endure the stormy overnight camp. Due to the numerous problems they didn't start day 2.

5th Place in the Open Adventure Endurance Series
Paul and Russ were ranked 5th in the 2007 Open Adventure Endurance Series after the first two events: 5 hours based in Keswick and 12 hours in the Yorkshire Dales. The deciding event was 24 hours starting from Eskdale in the Lake District. Despite gaining on 4th, they didn't quite do enough to move up the leaderboard.

Edinburgh - 11th place in our first Rat Race
Paul, Sabs and Russ tried their first rat race in Edinburgh in July 2007. We came in 11th place in a field of over 200 teams. Not bad for a first attempt and no local knowledge.
Saturday evening was a 3 hour sprint around the town with challenges of haircuts, deep fried mars bars, climbing and kissing the bride. Sunday was 8 hours going out to Leith to Kayak and down to the Pentland Hills for some orienteering and riding. Plenty of rope work - coasteering, abseiling off a stadium, swim, bike carries & inner tubes down a ski slope. A real mix. The heat got to Russ especially and after slowing we were forced to stop for 10 minutes to cool off and rehydrate after 6 hours before continuing. We also didn't make full use of some of the timeouts as we were on a deadline to make the train home! Yet again we had a kayak that started to sink - must have had a hole in the bottom. Otherwise it was great fun and harder than we expected.

The event was screened on Channel 4's Adrenaline Rush.

CamRacers compete against the best at the World Championships
In May 2007, the World Series AR Championship came to Scotland. 49 of the top teams from around the world competed in the toughest race ever set in the UK.

From a start on the Isle of Rum, the course wound through Knoydart and as far East as Dalwhinne before heading back over to Glen Coe and a finish over Ben Nevis. Only the top 5 Elite teams travelled fast enough to complete the full course in the seven days. CamRacers along with the rest completed a shortened version to be placed 25th overall and 5th British team. An amazing race and quite a journey. Thank You to all our families, friends and supporters who allowed us to undertake this challenge and the preparation it entailed and for all the messages of support we recieved during the race.

The race featured in an hour long programme on Channel 4.

1st British Team at World Series Bimbache Extrem, Andalucia, Spain.
In our first expedition race as a team against a very strong field, CamRacers emerged to take 6th place and were the 1st British Team.
With almost half of the 28 teams racing also entered for the World Championships, our best guess was that we would be about 16th and in fact in the early stages that is exactly where we were. But with very cold sub-zero nights, any lingering illness or team weakness was tested and many dropped out within the first 24 hours. Our determination and the knowledge there was a Scottish team just behind us, kept us going in a performance that justifies our qualification into the World Championships in Scotland in May. We raced for almost 4 and a half days but are under no illusion that 7 days in Scotland will be something else altogether.

A Good Start to 2007  
Jeff and Paul clocked up the first win of the year in the male pairs of the Dynamic Adventure 8-hour Endurance race in the Dorset Hills at the end of January. We've a varied and exciting season of racing ahead. We'll race in the Bimbache Extrem World Series 5 day event in Andalucia in March amongst some of the best teams in the world. This will be valuable experience as we have qualified for a place in the World Series Championships for 2007 to be held in Fort William in May. We'll also be putting in appearances at the Edinburgh Rat Race, ACE 2-day events and the Open Adventure Endurance Series.