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Photos by members of CamRacers, James Kirby and
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Welcome to CamRacers

We are one of the more experienced groups of adventure racers in the UK, having started with strong connections with Cambridge, UK but have expanded as we have moved around and made friends across the country. We race in different lengths of races from short or urban events to expedition length in UK and Europe including several world series events and two world championships.

New to adventure racing? See the Wikipedia definition.

We are always open to new members especially those local to Cambridge who want to join us for training sessions, to learn more about the sport, pick up tips or find team members for events. Beginners welcome!

We also host a comprehensive adventure race events calendar for UK and Europe.

On our way to 13th place in Itera Wales World Series event 2014

Finishing 5th in the Adidas Terrex Scotland World Series event, Aug 2012. 2nd place at Beast of Ballyhoura 36 hour race, Aug 2012. Photo: Ballyhoura Failte