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The Squad

Jeff has a background in orienteering and long distance walking from an early age. A keen orienteer and often our lead navigator on foot. He thinks towlines are a great idea and is also our best faffer when it comes to transitions. Most recently he has completed the Bob Graham Round and UTMB. Also often seen working at events when not competing.
A strong triathlete with an ironman under his belt, won the ACE 2-day race series pairs with Russ back in 2006. As our oldest team member he speaks a lot of sense and is always keen for more and to try new events. A strong runner and inline skater, Paul completed all the Vasque Ultra Running League events in 2009, followed by Marathon des Sables, UTMB and The Spine.
Russ grew up in orienteering, hiking and mountaineering moving to longer orienteering events and mountain marathons. Won his first 5 hour AR event with Jeff. Often lead navigator on the MTB and kayak sections and can't seem to help making pre-race packing lists. Loves knowing that eating just about anything in a long race is good for you!
Jenn is a Montane sponsored athelete, joining us for her first expedition length race. She comes with plenty of endurance experience though including the Spine Race, Lakeland 100, UTMB and plenty of mountaineering, fell running, mountain biking and cross-country ski experience.
Another strong runner, rower and outdoor enthusiast. Part of our 4 inns trophy winning team, he completed the Open Adventure Endurance Series in his first year and went on to be in the CamRacers World Series Portugal expedition race team. Now a veteran of 12 hour, 24 hour and multi-day expedition races including our 5th place Adidas Terrex Stirling World Series Race.
Steve has a long history of adventurous mountain trips, climbing, mountain marathons, ultra runs and is a skilled orienteer. He jumped straight in with a 12 hour event as his introduction to adventure racing but has been out of action recently due to a foot injury and is chomping at the bit to get out into the hills once more.
A keen runner excelling at longer distances and also enjoys getting out on a mountain bike. He's raced in Poland and completed numerous trail challenges including our 4 inns trophy winning team and most recently back for the High Peak Marathon team.
Jean acts mainly as support driver / medic / marshal, although she has competed in a Wicklow Rogaine and KIMM with Russ, and won 3rd solo female in an early Open 5 (there was no 4th!) Marshalled at the renowned OMM2009 and completed the Saunders MM in 2010. A key member of events like The Dragon's Back Race.

Previous Members

Comes from a background in Triathlon, White-water kayaking and MTB. Has been a member of numerous kayak expeditions with trips to Nepal, Uganda and New-Zealand. Loves the team aspect of multisport and relishes the mental and physical demands of racing. Often on the Open 5 Series podium. Ben is successfully racing for another team.
Comes from a modern pentathlon background and got involved in adventure racing with the Hebridean Challenge in 2005. Completed the Mongol Derby horse race in 2009. Several open 5 podium placings paired with Ben. A master of ebay when it comes to obtaining team equipment. Sabs is successfully racing for another team.
Maria is a highly driven adventure athlete with a passion for climbing, sailing and pushing herself to the limit. 3rd in the 2007 3 Peaks Yacht Race, 6th female in the Thames Ultra 50 miler of 2006 and has run the Marathon des Sables and ridden the Siberian Black Ice race. She joined us for her first expedition race, The Turas in 2008. Now organising her own race series, she still races when she can.
A strong rower, experienced sailor and houseboat owner, Andy has excelled at long distance running, winning the 2009 Vasque Run Further Series including the Lakeland 100 mile event 2009. First GB male on the Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc race 2008, he has competed for UK and Scotland. Following an injury Andy now spends a lot of his time running his own business.
had been running, kayaking, mountain biking, swimming, rowing, climbing, hiking and eating too much sugar for years before realizing there was a sport that could tie everything together into one great big lump of fun. Since then he hasn't looked back except to see if his spare inner tube has fallen out of his saddle bag again...
Nicole is our most skilled racing paddler always looking for events where you can paddle 'real' kayaks such as quadrathlons. An up and coming navigator who is great fun to have on the team. After completing the Dark & White 4 hour series in 2010 winning the Mixed Pairs category with Blair, the two of them are now more occupied with raising the next generation of racers.
Can claim regional orienteering and Polaris MTB class wins to her name. She has been successful on mountain marathons and 24 hour adventure races. Competed in the Courmayeur-Chamonix Ultra trail and always looking for the next challenge.
Adventuring in the mountains since childhood, rock climbing and mountain biking since the days of bright clothing in the early 90s, rediscovering running legs 'useful' in races at school and finding that mountains and running go together! Didn't come last in the Pumlumon Challenge 09, went lighter without the climbing kit in the RAB MM 09.