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Jan 26
Dynamic Endurance, Dorset Hills. 8 hr MTB and foot (Paul, Jeff)
March 2/3
High Peak Marathon, 4 person mixed team (Paul, Jeff , Andy Mitchell, Phil Scarfe), 40 mile+ circular mountain run starting and finishing at Edale. Starts at 11pm and continues through the night
March 18-25
Bimbache Extrem, 4 person mixed team (Jeff, Russ, Paul, Sabrina), Andalucia, Spain. World Series event. 5-day, 450km continuous race, MTB, hike, kayak, ropes,caving, inline skating.
April 21/22
ACE Race 2-day, 4 person mixed team (Jeff, Russ, Paul, Mira), Southern Scotland. 2-day staged race. MTB, hiking, kayak, night navigation.
May 12
Open Adventure, Endurance series. 5 hour event for pairs (Paul, Russ), Keswick, Lake District. MTB and foot.
May 25 -
June 3
Adventure Race World Championships, Wilderness ARC, Scotland, 4 person mixed team (Jeff,Russ, Paul, Keri), Fort William, 7-day, non-stop, 500km+, MTB, Trek, Swim, Kayak, Ropes.
June 23/24
Open Adventure, Endurance series. 12 hour event for pairs (Paul, Russ), Yorkshire Dales. MTB, foot, caving?,kayak?, ropes.
July 14/15
The Rat Race, Edinburgh. 3 person mixed team (Russ, Paul, Sabrina). Friday 3hr prologue then full day saturday, orienteering, kayak, ropes, MTB, challenges.
July 28/29
Open Adventure, Endurance series. 24 hour event for pairs (Paul, Russ), Keswick, Lake District. MTB, foot, kayak?, swim, ropes.
October 27/28
The OMM - Original Mountain Marathon (previously the KIMM), Lowther Hills (Russ, Andy). 2 days 80km with overnight camping gear.

Rodings Rally
Epping Forest Outdoor Group

November 17/18th
Three teams will compete on this cryptic12 mile overnight course around Epping Forest to defend their fastest team trophy from last year and also have a go at the group competition.